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  2. RylanToday at 04:50 listen mate @barcode unless ur 112 zerk go med
  3. go 60 99 70 if u got 20k xp to spare for knight waves. if it would get you 61 then go 75 99 70
  4. I should add that I don't solo pk, but I also don't have 500m to dump on max med gear right away.
  5. I've tried really hard to resist the temptation to train Defence on this account, but boredom is getting to me and I'm not sure if I can hold out much longer. Please let me know if there are any benefits to staying 45 Def or if I should go 75 Def med!
  6. Today
  7. Fletching and Firemaking for sure
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  10. #TURMOIL


  11. always whales at the alter nice vid
  12. damn bro good [email protected]@
  13. sick loot man, keep it up
  14. sounds like someone got their cheeks clapped.
  15. eh I don't mind this toxicity. I like to pk, its tough out there but u gotta risk it to get the biscuit. I like it on the med, also got a main and pure im trying out to pk.
  16. Fletch darts to 92, get 88 smith and do addy plates to 92+ (addy plates are cheap), 99 crafting (totally worth in long run), 99 cooking and wintertodt ezpz
  17. wow that was actually a fun video
  18. she probably designs them but the manufacturing process is wild
  19. wait, i know a chick who makes these herself from usa unless she's a fraud. nice collection regardless
  20. fudge yeah, get it
  21. get that paper boo boo
  22. i collect money
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