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    Tonight was a casual night turned into an absolute fucking slaughter for the boys in EZ. For the second night in a row we completed the trifecta, clearing pures, meds and mains. Part I Around mid evening the boys got word of a shameless victim fight between Vengeance & Deathrow. The boys quickly massed up 25 in less than 15 minutes and headed up to altar and spread around and gwas'd them inside altar. They attempted to run to singles but were chased down by around 30 of us forcing them all to teleport out. Needless to say their plan to AC in the cc "Birds" was of no avail to their victim alliance. Part II We started our planned event of the night with a light 12v12 innners. Before we could even get one round in, we got word of Deathrow scraping at caves and cleared them with ease. Part III After clearing victims clans all day we decided to resume inners doing 15v15s. Around 5 fights in, a special bird came with a note and told us that there was a pure war going on between Apex, LY & Zenith. We flew up to Blacks dragons @ Rev Caves and fought 30v100 and massed up to 45v100 mid fight. There was slight resistance felt by the pures, 7 Resurgence members (2 spies) at entrance & the 3 Playdead members. Tonight was another flawless night in the books of Elite Zerks. EZ 4 #EZ
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    This topic is weak unlike the performance EZ just put out all over the wilderness today.
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  4. 1 point
    Pures putting up more resistance than Veng+Res l0000l
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    i blame @Introverts for missing out, gj lads
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    This is actually the biggest pile of dogshit topic I've ever seen. Incredible how you completely fucked this absolutely amateur attempt at displaying your clan as anything other than juvenile retards. Wow. Just wow.