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    The Birth In October 2016 my previous clan (Vengeance) had shut down after a 8 month run and shortly after I found myself with nothing to do in game and called it quits. In January of 2017, my two closest friends from Veng, @Fremnik @goldmansachz both reached out to me through E-mail/forums and prompted a timely comeback. I quickly reconnected with these two and in the back of my mind the idea of a new clan was conceived at the time. Me and Fremnik talked about the prospect of running a clan and reminisced about attempting to revive the Rune pure/Range tank scene, knowing little at the time what was soon to unfold. Soon after this message, I found myself casually playing RS again and a day was coming soon that would forever change the future. The story continues as I find myself training slayer and recruited by a level 88 Rune pure which would become known as the Founder of Elite Zerks, @Tycoon. For some reason I became very involved in what was an open clan chat at the time. A website was up and running at the time where you applied for a rank in the cc; simplistic and useful. However, I wanted more and thought to myself the potential that was brewing here. Mere days into my time here, I had a vision and it was soon becoming a reality after @Tycoon and @Revamp™ surprised me with the news of a rank up. I wanted to have a full forums and become a competitive clan with one of the first changes allowing Range tanks (which was controversial at the time, imagine lol). In the course of mere days, with minor help from myself and others, @Revamp™ was able to get the forums up and running. It was then that EZ, as you know it, was born. (Old website) (New forums created in early February 2017) The photo you see above was taken towards the end of February and everything was starting to fall into place. Originally, the idea started out to be a community/pvm/CWA clan with little focus on Pking. However, the dream was soon realized as I took an early two week Vacation on the last day of February and a fire was lit (lmfao). @Fremnik and @Zewy lead a spur of the moment pk trip and our dear friend @Anguish Void experienced his first time multi pking. This Pk trip alone was the start of a revolution. (Other attending members - @Goku™ @Cam @IPissonU @Caregan @goldmansachz @Jolby @Synnez. Read the full topic here: Spring 2017 Just weeks into the opening, a storm was brewing, and Elite Zerks was more than ready with their rain coats on. Hurricane Zerk Clan burst onto the scene and a rivalry was born. From the start of March to May these two new clans fought for the top spot as the only two Rune pure/Range Tanks clans out. It's safe to say that this was a one sided rivalry and nothing short of a slaughter. Elite Zerks was called out on being a CWA clan and not pking. So we decided to show our rivals what we were made of in the wilderness. Our opening PK trip took place on a Sunday and within the first hour we took a Hasta of Infamous and owned the wilderness. You can read the full topic here: here: Running into mid-late spring, the rivalry was starting to heat up. Both clans were pulling 30+ with relative ease and we continued to dominate. Due to our member quality, in game knowledge and overall superiority we started to hit them hard and heavy. Fight after fight Zerk clan was cleared in less than 5 minutes each time and typically was reduced to teleporting/running on sight. Towards the end of April an old-head joined us and was appointed our one and only warlord. @Mike aided in destroying Zerk clan from the inside out and taught many of us some new tricks. After nearly 2 months of straight losses and refusal for a clean 1v1 fight in CWA, Zerk clan was forced to call it quits. Elite Zerks was new to the clanning scene but pulling just short of 40 consistently and already able to keep up with the medium sized main clans, we continued to strive for greatness. Just short of May 2017, Zerk clan shut it's doors officially and their members disbanded. Elite Zerks was left as the only Zerk/Tank clan and the future appeared to be somewhat uncertain. During this time we had one of our first CWA fights vs a main clan called "Universe" and took a very convincing win. Summer 2017 Summer rolled around and we were simply hungry for more action, larger fights, increased clan wars experience, and continued growth. During this time we made the key additions of @Goku™ @Bunk Acid and @Proteins to staff members due to their dedication and overall experience. All of these things came to be as we continued to roll and more people were starting to hear our name. Elite Zerks hardly ever ran from mains and always provided a fight to any clan. Some of our first big +1s came in these early weeks of summer, taking an AGS off Revenant and Empathy. We endured some friendly competition/rivalries from Explicit, Ruin and Playdead during these times. During these summer months EZ picked up some key wins in CWA vs a newer main clan called Halfdead and then a big win for us at the time vs Violent Resolution 2-1. We continued to be extremely active in the wild durin, all the while honing our skills in clan wars. Summer also saw us attended a battle royale for the clan world. We pulled slightly over 45+ of the best Zerks/Tanks in game - our biggest pull to date. We continued to work hard in CWA picking up solid wins vs Vanguard and other main clans. Read the full topic here: Fall 2017 With summer coming to an end, some new blood arrived - the additions of @IMiD and @GodlyTank were soon added to the staff team and it gave us the extra help we were lacking at the time. Despite no competition in our scene for us we continued to grind it out vs mains and experienced our biggest success to date. We were starting to gain traction in CWA and become a formidable force that even main clans feared. During the weeks of August and September we gained a slight rivalry with the clan known as Anonymous community. We fought them in Clan wars multiple times and exerted our dominance over them many of times. We fought them in the wilderness multiple times also with us completely destroying them each time. This lead to AC challenging us for a 1 week prepped wildy pkri. Despite some hurricanes in the US, we had a strong pull of 45 members and @Trae smoked AC while drowning in a hurricane. Multiple clans came to this fight and it was out biggest to date, most certainly putting us on the map. People could no longer ignore our presence in the clanning world, racking up win after win. During these fall months we also picked up a good comeback win vs Forsaken in CWA, a couple great fights vs Unkowns, and a friendly PKRI vs the pure clan, Special Forces. These months were some of our best and we got constant action in CWA and wilderness - picking up solid wins in both. In October we prepared for our biggest event yet - Mog Time's wilderness world war. I know I speak on my behalf when I say this, but it was personally one of my favorite events in EZ. For this Event we had an attendance of 70-75 (SMASHING our previous records) of the best Zerks/Tanks in the game and competed with the best of the best. The full topic can be found here: Towards the end of Fall, there we murmurs of fellow zerk/tanks clans opening up. We were extremely excited about this news and it motivated us to take our game to a whole different level. In the end of fall we recorded one of our most famous moments - the huge Gwas on FOOLS. We also had some great wilderness and CWA action with the likes of Anonymous community, Damage Inc, JaJa, DF2, Unkowns. One could argue these were some of our best times. During these months we were in our top form in CWA earning some convincing wins vs main clans (Defeating AC 3-0 with only 1 Zerk dying in the knockout round) Winter 2017 Winter was upon the Elite Berserkers and it was shaping up to be full of excitement. The Zerk/Tank scene was starting to breathe new life and the new clans were starting to get slightly involved in the wildy/CWA. We were continuing our hot streak in CWA and wilderness alike, with no signs of slowing down. Rev caves had just come out and we were a little bit late to the party due to some bad timing on the retard @NoPrayZone's part. We showed up fashionably late to Rev caves, but didn't miss out on all the hype. We cleared 99% of the clans we ran into, filling our pockets with fat loot. During these winter months we briefly fought our Rp/Tank competition in CWA and wilderness going undefeated in clan wars. With the addition of @Under Constr to the rank team and here to specialize in CWA, our form inside the portal had never been higher. February saw us celebrate our 1 year anniversary and what came to be our ending PK trip. We ended 10-0 inside clan wars and established ourselves as the longest standing Rune pure/Range tank clan OSRS has had to date. We dominated our competition to say the least, both "legends" in the scene and newer clans alike. Ending note Now that I'm able to look back on this past year, I never would have thought we'd come so far. We started out as level 80s and 90s with no clue what we were doing and ended with nearly an 80 man ML boasting a combat average of 106.3 (minus trial members) I know I've said it many times, but thank you guys for all the hard work and time you guys put in. It's just a testament to ourselves and what people can do when they come together for a common goal. I know I've learned many things that I can apply to my daily life and make me an overall better person. Thank you guys for all the memories, you guys will always be family to me! It was truly EZ for EZ. -Will
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    A couple weeks back it was announced that the streamer known as Mog Time would be holding a huge wilderness fight inviting all clans and teams to attend. We knew this would be a huge opportunity and a lot of fun. The day finally came and at 3:30 EST we begin massing The best rune pure and range tanks in the game (no med levels here sorry). We peaked at 56 members and did not team with any other clans like some - we stood alone and had a sick time, smashing our previous record pull of 44. We knew the fight would start out at GDZ so we stayed south of gap and picked off stragglers and small teams getting some nice loot. Soon Ancient Fury rushed us from the south and we engaged. Unfortunately JaJa came in from the north and we were sandwiched so we dipped. We then went into the middle of the chaos at GDZ and barraged/chinned everything we could see. We killed Mog Time a couple times and held down 50 ports/tip a couple times before moving to new locations, having brief scraps with Vanguard and Damage Incorporated. We went into the middle of the action again and engaged DI again clearing them and catching huge clumps on them. Continued to glory hill and back up to 50 ports before calling it a great day. We decided to go pking in normal worlds and cleared so much free loot and owned DK to top off the night. Thanks to all who came out and shout out to Mog Time for setting this up - thank you very much bro! My personal highlight of the day. Thanks to @Kudo for getting it! Shoutouts: All 70+ of the best Rune pures and Range tanks in game for come through at one point or another All 56 who peaked with us and fucking owned the wildy Kudo for grabbing the vid on mog time's stream Udn for putting his photography skills on display The clan world for coming together and having some fun Brbzerkinoff for closing his store irl to attend lmfao Holy Zerk for calling sick into work l0l
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    It was a typical monday evening; Elite Zerks were in NMZ training up and enjoying the day off after a solid opening weekend of pking. A few people smelled an odd scent in the air, so we massed up 20 strong warriors. It reeked of musty eggplant and low and behold, Zerk Clan was spotted out in the wildy. Before making our way up to those starving children, we started at corp and the +1s started raining up all the way to ven hill. After being warmed up, EZ headed to bear with the first run in w/ Zerk clan occurring. For some reason they were tbing in 40 wilderness, but we didn't ask questions. We proceed to smash their heads in and watched them run to singles. One of their members was lured into singles and proceeded to get dropped for a b ring. Ty 4 b ring Zerk clan. Some +1s before running into Zerk Clan before we moved up to deep wild. Before our second run in with Zerk Clan and the icing on the cake, we decided to get warmed up. We got news there were 20-25 light blue hats between GDZ and lava gate. They stood no chance as EZ swiftly ran them through x2 and left with full invents. (Ty 4 action, no clue who you are though) Random loots in between our run in with light blue hats and Zerk Clan: After embarassing Zerk Clan at bear and forcing them to hide in singles, they finally for once got courage and massed up. They pulled 17 zerks and frantically called mains as we enjoyed a good laugh listening to them in their teamspeak. (Awkward as fuck lmfao) So we grabbed our black chins and rolled out (without mains) to hit them at gap. They didn't fall for the lure so we proceeded to rush them at Vet'ion. It wasn't even close. I will let the clips speak for themselves. Thanks for the action and another +1. Maybe next time zerk clan. SICK CLUMP BRO (New 700k xp p/h chinning method) #EZ Af.
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    Just to show you we don't discriminate here at EZ, i've created a signature for our mexican unit. Although some of you may not be mexican, you're definitely not white, and we don't discriminate so i'll lump you all together as one! #unity Gratz guys @Goku™ @Proteins @Slag @goldmansachz
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    Why do what we do Sometimes I think it gets lost as we fight and scrap other mains constantly why exactly we do what we do. What I mean by what we do is clan as rune pure/tanks. Sometimes I wonder this too and I quickly remind myself everytime we step in the wild. This game for me is all about the rune pure/tank scene and I think it always will be. I'm not opposed to other ways of clanning and don't rule it out of my future, but if I'm gonna smash and grab some loot it feels damn good on a zerk/tank. I think the main reason we all do this is because its harder, being 45 defense or a tank with no melee switch makes the difficulty higher. Something about doing things the best way just doesn't seem appealing to me. Also having a more unique build and competing against strong clans is always fun as hell. I think these are the main reasons but I'm just glad I got a group of retards that want to hit any team anytime. Respect to my brethren for doing this every day cause you guys are the last stronghold for this build and hopefully one day we can revive it. Fuckin Retards Frem
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    Was a great experience for a long term player such as myself, to stumble upon an Open CC pk clan and join and help the original rank team build up from the very bottom to a point which @NoPrayZoneand the ending rank team could carry it the rest of the way to being the top RP/Tank clan in the community. It was full of struggles at the beginning but we persevered and conquered our opposition which lead to an explosion of growth and a surge of exposure through the zybez community. I wasn't always around when I should have been but looking back on the achievements that the rank team who came after me achieved, after my initial guidance, it seems that I wasn't needed. Stay well and god bless everyone, if you would like to join in on some bantz rag pking, pm me on discord Mike#1057 - oh and btw shout out to my day ones @Fremnik @Goku™ @Caregan @goldmansachz @Revamp™ @Tycoon @Kudo @Bunk Acid @Cam @NoPrayZone and of course the many others who built with the crew along the way. ~KF
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    Though i'm not around as much as i'd like (hopefully this will be changing) I want you all to know you guys are always my fam and I want you all to have a merry christmas, or happy chunnuhkahfakalmiakhalifa or if you celebrate neither a nice day off. love u duders
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    Nothing but respect for Will, it’s amazing what a huge impact this guy had on the RP/Tank scene. Not only did he ressurect the whole scene but he influenced hundreds of people with leadership and knowledge of the game. Thank you for the time and hard effort you put in for EZ. Enjoy life my friend.
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    Ez is really the only decent zerk clan for awhile we were the only one around. The bad blood starts with sybren, veng's greasy haired leader. He went to get a haircut one day and didn't realize a person in this clan named Alan aka Goku was his barber. Alan cuts hair to put him and his gf through college. Alan suggested to sybren to try a fade because he wasn't pulling any bitches with his greasy skater hair. Alan also gave him pointers on how to not be socially awkward and how to be chill around sexy women. At the end Alan actually invited sybren to the club with him and elite zerks leader big daddy will the 1st. Big daddy will was talking to three chicks at the club and Alan had taken some red head named Kim and his gf into a back room to "do the deed". Then as Big daddy wills phone recording proves Sybren snuck into one of the back rooms and started master bating being a mad creeper staring at Alan, big daddy Will caught him and was like bro yer fucked up and punched him right in the face. And That's how the bad blood started.
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    Thanks for this trip I want to comment that it was really enjoyable for me for first time be pking in a proper organized clan with good calls and no bullshits (huge shoutout to the discord leader who was in. Man. This is nothing like pking with those retarded cf noobs I cant even count how many times I died for unorganized trip/awful leading. This was a truly positive experience and i am looking now forward to stay and discord is really nice filled with kind ppl. Thanks and sorry for essay but i rly enjoyed. Good shit!!
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    Your eyebrows take up 90% of the picture your girlfriend is really pretty though
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    Shoutout to @goldmansachz @Time To Brew @Fkn Zerker @Anguish Void @Blood Dropz (bottomy5) Massed up a small man group that were hungry for some action (special congrats to @Anguish Void on one of his first few multi trips). Just wanted to do something tonight and ended up getting some kills here and there and holding our own against other decent sized Med teams. Nice 2 hour pk trip bouncing around corp and ven A few kills Fun trip guys! Nice job for a small pk trip, first time as a group!
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    After I saw a user asking which recording software is recommended, I figured I would toss up a little guide. Personally I recommend OBS. It's the software 99% of streamers use, as well as free to record infinite length clips (up to what your pc can store file size wise), no watermark, and high def. First you want to download it from the link below. Settings: General: Output: Audio: Video: Hotkeys: (these are what i use, feel free to set them to whatever you like. Some use "ins" & "del" keys) Advanced: Adding a source to record from:
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    Since neither Vengeance nor Resurgence has decided to fight us while we sit comfortable on top the throne, we decided to get a little macing going. We did two separate trips and made absolute bank in total while we got the hang of it. On the first trip we found a Resurgence member who kindly donated his staff. On the second trip we got intel and logged in to hit Resurgence's 10 man PK trip but didn't get the smite sadly. We made quick work of these pussies and then maced anti-rot/jaja for an AGS. Overall made bank and had a great time.
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    Got more action in one night than I did in two months over at Res
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    Clanning First, things first, right off the bat you need to understand that multi-pking (clanning) is very unique and intricate style of pking. You should always be implementing these ideas into every trip you are apart of. Furthermore, when it comes to these subjects you don't need to be good at it right away, but you must show a level of growth and improvement or you will be removed from the clan at the discretion of the ranks. (i.e you repeatedly fuck up and bring wrong gear etc.) List of the kicked: KNY Ohmygosh29 Rage for Vid Itemization Gear set-up can be found in the requirements section of applications. When we talk about itemization we are referring to the set items you will be brining onto a multi-pk trip. You are required to bring a +1 to trips. Learn to keep your prayer up and get your prayer to around 60+ to avoid getting smited. WHAT TO BRING: Black Chinchompas (10-15) - This isn't mandatory for your average pk trip but highly recommended. When a mage catches a clump (multiple people caught in one ice barrage spell frozen together) this can be a decisive factor in a fight with an opposing team. Even when outnumbered a fight is winnable if a good clump is caught and everyone chins the clump. Dragon Scimitar - This isn't the only special attack weapon to bring but a good choice. Dragon Scimitar spec will wipe the overheads off the opponent for an equivalent time based off of what you hit with the spec. (10 damage = 10 seconds) If you are a 60 attack zerk it is mandatory you don't use a scimitar for your spec (unless fighting pures). You have 60 attack you probably won't hit, and second go train your attack to at least 75. Only to be used if 75 attack+ (preferably 99 attack) or against low defence targets like pures. Dragon Spear - This isn't the only special attack weapon to bring but a good choice. Dragon Spear momentarily stuns the opponent and will not allow them to change gear, drink a potion or eat any food (i.e makes someone very killable when timed well). This is mandatory for 60 attack zerkers. This item is a no brainer, it has a 100% success rate and can be used 4 times utilizing 100% of your spec bar 100% of the time. Try to dragon spear someone at around 75% hp or less to ensure death. Doesn't give any xp on spec. Zamorak Godsword - This isn't the only special attack weapon to bring but a good choice. Zamorak Godsword freezes an opponent in place. Helpful for running targets. Frozen person = easy calling = killable. Tentacle Whip - Same as Zamorak Godsword, will snare an opponent. Phoenix Necklace - This necklace will cause the wearer to restore 30% of maximum HP when dropped below 20% HP. Essentially what this means is when the enemy team is calling you, this will help you from being killed in a lot of situations. Light/Heavy Ballista - Generally this is for 60 attack zerks. IF YOU ARE A 60 ATTACK ZERK YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A LIGHT/HEAVY BALLISTA AS A +1 WHAT NOT TO BRING: Dragon Dagger - Don't ever bring this. Don't ever bring this. Don't ever bring this or you will 100% confirm that you're shit. Dragon Dagger is incredibly inaccurate and will almost guarantee a 0-0 hit on anyone with defence. Waste of spec bar and waste of our time. Don't fucking bring it. Dark Bow - Don't bring a dark bow. It takes up 55% of spec bar for what can be a small spec. It is inconsistent and if you are going to bring a +1 for range bring ballista. Overall most people have protect from range on at all times in a fight unless tanking, in which case they will be switching prayers. Its a waste of time and spec. Dragon scim or Dragon Spear outshines this by far. Magic Shortbow - This may be osrs, but this is not 2007. There will NEVER be a time where bringing a magic shortbow is ok. Like Ever. This goes right along with bringing a DDS. It is going to be very inaccurate and a waste of time. You will never hit on anyone with high defense. Combat Bracelet - This is just fucking embarrassing and I hope to god you don't use these it should go without saying. I would rather you wear no glove slot than this, if you let anyone that we fight loot a combat bracelet from your corpse we will investigate who it is and they will be banned. Attacking as a Rune Pure/Zerker As a rune pure you are required to have two styles of attack at all times. When attacking someone if they are protecting range YOU MUST ATTACK MELEE. IF YOU CAMP THE SAME ATTACK STYLE AS THEIR OVERHEAD PRAYER YOU ARE USELESS. This will be the make or break for winning a fight. When attacking someone it can be easy to get clumped. You are to do a hit and run method of attack when meleeing to avoid clumping up. Simply attack the target and quickly click away when you are waiting for your next auto attack, then repeat creating a hit and run style attack and minimizing the amount of people in the same spot at once. Spec early and often. If you have spec use it, if you are spearing obviously time it well. On small unofficial trips (not a prep or hitting an important team) 60 attack zerks are required to be on ancient spellbooks and mage gear or tb's if we are in low wilderness. You must bring mage/range as opposed to range/melee. On official trips and major fights 60 attack zerks should bring melee/range switches unless asked otherwise. 60 attack zerks must bring a Heavy Ballista at all times while pking. Lastly, and of the utmost importance. IN GAME CALLING while on the current call the most important thing you can do is spam 'zzzzzzzzz (target name)' or 'ez (target name)' or just 'zzzzzzzzzzzz' to let everyone know who may not see the current call that this is where the call is. Its a visible land mark of the area the target is at. Attacking as a Tank As a tank you are required to have two styles of attack at all times. Primarily you are to be maging. You will only range in the small situations where they have protect mage on. Always freeze whoever is being called first, when someone is calling the person for everyone to attack your priority is to freeze the target in place so everyone can attack them. This is your 1st priority. Pre Freezing, if possible once the current target is near being dead, you want to freeze any other person who is in a close proximity to the current call, this will ensure a fluid transition from kill to kill and maximize our lethality. This is your 2nd priority. Snipe Freezing, if possible you want to try and freeze some of the enemy opponents AWAY from their current target. Meaning when you see someone ranging and they are attacking a teammate take a quick moment to freeze an enemy or two so that they can't reach the teammate with a melee hit. This will help the teammate live by being able to pray the optimal overhead. Do not get this confused with randomly freezing enemies running around. It is to be used sparingly. This is your 3rd priority. Lastly, and of the utmost importance. IN GAME CALLING while on the current call the most important thing you can do is spam 'zzzzzzzzz (target name)' or 'ez (target name)' or just 'zzzzzzzzzzzz' to let everyone know who may not see the current call that this is where the call is. Its a visible land mark of the area the target is at. Tanks only do this briefly to run up to the call then run away and continue attacking. Tanking What is meant by tanking is pretty much implied in the word. Be beefy and soak up the damage. This is not only for a tank build. When you are targeted by the enemy clan and being focused you must be ready to tank. Things to remember while tanking: Turn your sound bar up so that you can hear when you are being attacked. Tanking 101, you can't tank if you don't know you're tanking. The longer you tank the more time the enemy is spent on one person the longer we have to attack them. This is as important as attacking. If you try to combo eat Potion -> Food you will not be able to, when doing potion first it consumes a game tick. This ensures you die fast. Don't do this. The correct combo eat is Shark/Angler -> Saradomin Brew -> Karambwan. This will heal you for around 52 damage depending on your HP level. Once you realize you are tanking make sure you have phoenix necklaces on and put one on as soon as one is used up. This in conjuction with #3 will maximize how long you live for. Finally, in order to not get smited while tanking, use a phoenix necklace as a way to Super Restore up without dying. Wilderness Gear/Inventory Set Up Zerks/Rune Pures *Note 75 Attack Zerks/Rune Pures should bring ZGS instead of Tent Whip due to the superior slash accuracy, unless fighting pures. 99 Attack Zerks may bring Tent Whip. Tanks Calling Calling is the careful selection of who to focus in a fight. THERE WILL BE PRIMARY AND BACK UP CALLERS DESIGNATED BEFORE THE TRIP STARTS. IF YOU ARE READING THIS ITS NOT YOU. Overcalling - There are very few times to overcall the current caller. This is if you are alerting the leaders of something deemed important. Things that are on this level of importance: Clans logging in on us/Catching a large clump that the leader hasn't called/Alerting the current caller of a pre frozen target if they don't have a current call. **CALLING WORLDS AND LOCATIONS FOR EVERYONE TO HOP TO** The only way to do this properly is to call: WORLD - before hopping into a world know what world you are hopping into. DO NOT SAY COME MY WORLD. THIS KILLS TIME AND TIME LOSES KILLS. LOCATION (NORTH EAST SOUTH WEST RUNNING/FROZEN BY _________) NAME OF TARGET You are required to ask any questions about any concepts which you do not understand. I (name here) have read and understand all of the aforementioned topics. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Clan Wars In clan wars, a lot of the aforementioned styles remain the same for pking. But, there are some things that are dissimilar. Attack Methods for both Mages and Tanks will be different as well as inventory set ups. Attacking as a Rune Pure/Zerker/Tank As a zerk/rune pure/tank you are required to have two styles of attack at all times. When attacking in clan wars single spells are almost always off. Meaning you can't get caught in a clump, what this means is as a rune pure/tank you are now supposed to attack the current call, and right click follow immediately to get directly behind the target. What this will do is while attacking the call we will clump up our entire team, making it hard for the opposing team to find a call because they will have to right click a pile and choose out of 20+ names, as well as have the rest of the team find the call itself. This also makes it for the target being called to tank as they can't see which style of attacks are all hitting them at once, just the person on the top of the pile. When attacking in clan wars as a tank, it is to be of high importance to pre-freeze a next target after the first so we can transition fast from kill to kill. Always try to have a pre-freeze (freezing a target before our current target) that is out in the open and easy for everyone to see. Closer to the current call the better. This is to be gauged quickly upon how fast we kill our current targets, if they tank long, focus more on DPS the call to kill him, if we are running through them like a frat boy on first-time-drinker freshman girls than pre-freeze more. For Zerks/Rune Pures/Tanks if we do happen to call a target in the middle of a pile, meaning you can't see them but we know their name, it will be beneficial to spear the target out of the pile so that they can be seen more easy by the entire team. Lastly, and of the utmost importance. IN GAME CALLING while on the current call the most important thing you can do is spam 'zzzzzzzzz (target name)' or 'ez (target name)' or just 'zzzzzzzzzzzz' to let everyone know who may not see the current call that this is where the call is. Its a visible land mark of the area the target is at. Clan Wars Inventory/Gear Set Ups Zerks/Rune Pures *Note 42 Defence Rune Pures may substitute berserker helm for gilded full helm/gilded med helm Tanks
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    Its a shame that vengeance didn't want to fight in multi at altar even though they @ their discord to fight us...
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    Bingo fuck yeah, can my bring my granny as well? She loves bingo
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    I wish I was Eggplant enough to have made it, sadly I am potato.
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    ever thought of donating a part of those eyebrows to help give some clothes to the needy??? @Fremnik
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    There's definitely a learning curve to it, but practice makes perfect! GO TO INNERS
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    Right before we were about to mass, we had a small man going on with around 10 when we ran into Vengeance. We mass poked and immediately gained to 30+ and the fucking funeral commenced at that point. We out spammed, outperformed, outshined these fucking dogs for the 30 minutes they tried to fight back. As per usual, it was clean action until Vengeance called main clans to help them, resulting in fighting the anti-EZ alliance consisting of PD+DR+Res mains+Vengeance. It really didn't make much of a difference and after 30 minutes we were the last clan standing. While Vengeance took a fake ending at the start of the fight, we gladly took our fall in after burying the anti-ez alliance once again. How many clans will it take for you to beat us lmfao?
  26. 4 points
    oh man back before my dad left for cigs. the good ole days
  27. 4 points
    Thanks for being the only zerk clan that actually went outside of CWA and fought us JaJa warriors. When every other zerk clan was too pussy to remain open for more than a month or go past 20 wildy, EZ was always looking for challenges and putting up a good fight. Wish you all the best especially my nigga Will, this guy was stronk af in his leadership role as i hear If anybody needs a clan to pk with casually, JaJa is allowing EZ members, even if they're zerks, to come to trips after posting an intro at
  28. 4 points
  29. 4 points
  30. 4 points
    Thought this corona thing was suppose to make everyone active, still haven't seen Res...?
  31. 4 points
    Fight was decent but man.. some of you legit need to learn how to return and not just break halfway through. It's a cap, d hides aren't fucking expensive.
  32. 4 points
    It really was a nice year and I wanna appreciate you for making it possible! I enjoyed every second warring with you guys and I'll never forget it. Thank you and I hope you choose the right path for the future! ~Hakan~
  33. 4 points
    The list of accomplishments just racks up for EZ. This all began from brand new clanners, no recycled members. Thank you to all the members who dedicated so much time, and thank you to all the ranks who put in the time as this was the keys to success. I consider all of you guys really good friends and i know we've made some friends for life. Thanks for everything @NoPrayZone
  34. 4 points
    You are either blind or stupid or both to think you did fuck all to close EZ. All you ever did was attempt to hit small man/singles trips and take that and blow it up to make you feel relevant and give stupid members like yourself something to type about. All your leadership ever tried to do was set up ridiculous fights we have jobs and families outside of rs, not the time to sit on rs for 6 hours straight killing you and all you did was attempt to suicide for hours on end until members had to go what an accomplishment lmfao that is absolutely embarrassing.
  35. 4 points
    The guys a complete fucking retard. No idea how to run a clan, no idea how to negotiate with other clans and no idea how to properly build a relationship with his own members. This has been proved more than once. Bryan is also a spastic.
  36. 4 points IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER Special thanks to @Proteins@Goku™@Tranquillia@Trae@goldmansachz@Tycoon@Kudo@4ner @Zewy owes me 10 m @Hen how's @Caregan?
  37. 4 points
    I know you're looking vengeance. Get used to this GF and thanks for fight.
  38. 4 points
    Will be seeing this alot in the next couple of months
  39. 4 points
    nice attempt, don't autocast barrage in multy tho
  40. 4 points
  41. 4 points
    where did y'all find this retard in the month i was inactive?
  42. 4 points
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    Hop, Skip and a Jump Away From Max I remember when this account first came out of tutorial island. Now, I am two levels away from completely maxing my Zerk. The grind was difficult and time consuming, but it was totally worth it. Deciding to level Attack and Prayer to 99 was one of the best decision I have ever made. It has allowed me to open a plethora of different avenues in the game. From PVM to Multi Pking, 99 Prayer and Attack has been extremely beneficial to me. Today, my Zerk has reached its maximum combat level. I am beyond proud to announce that my pride and joy is finally where it needs to be! We did it boys! P.S - Anyone who is contemplating on going 99 Attack and 70+ Prayer, it is most certainly worth it. I can say with unmitigated confidence that you will not be upset in the long run. My account was maxed at 60 Attack and 45 Prayer for over 6 months. Once I decided to go 75, I was introduced to my notorious friend... the God Sword. Transitioning to 99 Attack then allowed me to train and Pk with a Tent Whip.... and my Scim's actually hit
  44. 4 points
    Wednesday night we started out on a small 14 man UNOFFICIAL pk trip and moved around Vet and spider. We pked there for 2 hours and had some nice luck. We proceeded to hit rdg and bear up quickly and the +1s fell into our laps. We then ran into Explicit at bear and scrapped with them for a little while before we decided to pull out. While re-gearing the leader of Explicit decided to ask for a RM. I kindly obliged and called up some of my strongest and most dedicated warriors. We agreed to meet up at old gate and proceeded to hop into their world. We decided to go on the offensive and take a risky move rush through new gate. Despite a close call at the beginning we controlled the whole fight and nearly cleared them off the map 15 minute in. They had a nice surge towards the end (probably due to the fact they were returning in addy and shit gear) but nonetheless were no match. At the 27 minute mark no more were spotted on the map, so we proceeded to get our fall in. Thank you for the respectful action, nicely done Explicit. I hope for a rm soon, maybe in clan wars? THE LOOTATIONS:
  45. 4 points
  46. 4 points
    So, I thought about releasing this topic for the lulz because a lot of you may be hesitant about joining because you think we are toxic retards, this is only half true (toxic). It all began, a fateful day when we wanted to speak to your leader yank in your discord. As we enter and are talking to him, a literal sphincter kept farting out "pk clan that doesn't pk" in the fashion of a squeaking turd. This is Got HP/Matt/Gobz, this little faggot was disrespectful off the jump, and to this day I still think about him when I push the handle down on the toilet. We just wanted a rivalry with some banter, some fair flame here and there. But then your other leader "two ticked" decided to tell William that he hopes his mom gets cancer and tbh some pretty savory flame (not bad) but unfortunately, you can't really flame if you're actually really fucking bad at leading. So with those two negatives, Will and I understanding how bad your leadership truly was, we decided it was time to drop some reality on Yank who "has lead a clan with 200 ML pre EOC" or Two Ticked who "knows rules I've been pking since 2007" (inside lpc pure community btw). To all Zerk Clan members who don't want to go med, come, we will teach and you will learn and we will pk in larger numbers and accomplish more as EZ. To those going to CT, GL, rev doesn't use lube. To Yank, tbh you weren't really a bad guy (apart from you saying "Tycoon used to be cool but now you hang out with niggers", did make for a lolz screenshot) you just happened to be caught in this crossfire of your retard cohorts.
  47. 4 points
    Today was supposed to be the day Zerk Clan finally stopped talking and backed it up. After a no show for the first CWA prep we worked things out and decided on a new time and date. This makes for the second no show for a CWA prep with agreed upon terms and time. We have contacted multiple ranks of theirs over the last few weeks to ensure this second prep was a go. As time went on, the ranks started to dodge us more and more until we were left with no reply. Their excuse has been constant: "Meet us in the wild." Today we decided to do just that. So Elite Zerks decided to bring the fight to them. We massed up 16 of our strongest warriors to bring the fight to Zerk Clan. We have had enough of their endless talk and sought real action for once. We hunted for them everywhere and got word that they had been spotted up at Scorpia. So we rushed in and hopped worlds until we found them. One of our best tanks logged and lured them and the rest was history. Zerk clan started dropping like flies. (Pm 4 tanking lessons) We proceeded to rinse and repeat. We banked our inventories full of free lootations and headed back out to clear them again. Ty 4 action. After 1 hour of hunting and clearing Zerk clan we were still hungry and wanted to get some dessert. We figured a gwas was in order so we had two brave soldiers lure them and we hit them at Chaos temple; same result. Not a single casualty occurred on our side during the whole hour. Ty Zerk clan, see you soon. Elite Zerks peak: 16 Zerk clan peak: 14
  48. 4 points
    "Oh that's Elite, everybody tab out, get out get out get out...." Had me dying @29:30
  49. 4 points
    Great trip tonight boys. Those eggplants didn't stand a chance. Once again, thank you for the B-Ring you malnourished balloon knots <3
  50. 4 points
    yooooooo Monday 3/13 im hosting an event 1-2 man pull zewy apps to cwa team 0-9 man pull zewy apps to cwa team 10+ man pull zewy apps to cwa team its an all day event