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    Tell me what you think lads, don't forget to like!
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    Its dope to read up on the history. This shit is what I love about runescape
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    i dont make them, just collect them. the artists design them then contract a company out of china to produce them. theyre made in china because its one of the few places where its legal to make pins. apparently the process is highly toxic
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    Ez night gf! We should deffo sweep caves more often again, free +1s And bank to be made!
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    Farming can potentially make some cash , WC to 90 for redwoods, Fletch, FM to 99 you could sesh out relatively quickly and no cost at WT , and I'd say herb to 90 at least for ovl in raids.
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    love it, only thing id change is the font for "ascended hazard". could be a bit fancier. just nitpicking tho
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    It’s only the 5th day of July and Veng has donated 3 +1s and taken 4 Ls to EZ.
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    Veng keeps taking L:s lmfao, first they get their audio leaked on TWITTER.COM. Then they have a joint sunday trip with Resurgence, and to top that off they lose a staff of light to their rival clan
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    Sad stuff! Glad i don't have to worry about getting spit on by OWN CLAN MATES...
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    We must continue this legacy with excellence. Beautiful read 2 years later. The good old days.