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  1. Fun trip! Learned a lot in a short amount of time
  2. one of the funniest parts for me. I don't think he brought a switch LOL
  3. watched this about 10 times. looks dope af
  4. Gzz man, just need 3 more rc lvls till i'm camping out at zeah
  5. I know a man when i see 1 @Kendal
  6. Plus you feared Claire/uncafted who was a dude, so idk how credible you are LOL
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I think everyone should strive to improve but I think you need to widen your perspective. In all competitive games there's an invisible/ visable matching system that tries to pair players to people similar in skill as them. This would be kinda impossible for the wilderness but it does tell us what keeps people playing. In wild people should fight whoever so the skill pairing goes out the window. So if you start playing league and play gold players with full masteries (or w/e it is now), you'd quite too. Its wishful thinking people would just suck it up and practice.
  8. I don't think they ruin it but I am trying to look at the wilderness from an average player's perspective. Osrs is a lot different then it used to be and the majority of players take the game very seriously and generally know what their doing (not always when it comes to pking). I don't know if there's a good fix to chickening out as summoning and flasks would simply pro-long the inevitable "run for your life" escape. I do think bringing in more players into the wilderness deep wild or not would be beneficial.
  9. What changes would you like to see happen? The first complaint generally hear I hear about the wilderness is that clans rule both singles and multi. You're right solo pking isn't impossible but its not as accessible as it should be in my opinion.
  10. While thinking of possible changes I came across an interesting idea. What if we decreased the wilderness levels to 1-40. We could also adjust all current lvl 30 teles (royal seed pod, glory, etc) to remain functional at their current locations instead of being able to tele away at KBD gate. Is wilderness lvl a problem in your eyes? I feel it help it be more inviting along with the lone wolf spell I mentioned in my last post. Do you think this would actually have an adverse affect on rejuvenation? For reference: Lone wolf -can only be caster in single combat areas -Caster is tele blocked for ~2min -the next person to attack the caster is the only one that can do so for the duration of the tb -would be on the ancients spell book
  11. Ya thats true, a lot of this stuff could be stand alone content. I would be against offering it in the store as you can just buy mysterious emblems from other players making it a lot like the rune pouch.
  12. Thanks man! Ya that's a hurdle I don't know this idea could conquer. If artisan and sailing didn't pass I see the potential being low. It would be sick though and great for streamers/ youtubers. Would also make osrs seem cooler
  13. So this started as a fun idea but I was wondering how I could make a PK Skill a reality. Although This might be a lost cause as it would probably never pass, I'd like you guys to humor it and give me some feedback. This is a rough draft and I am sure there are many issues that come about with this that i'm unaware of. You guys are one of the best audiences to help me edit this idea to at least appeal to the pkers fully. Try to put yourself in the skiller/pvmers shoes too though as you read. Does this mess up the way you want to pk? Is Lone Wolf OP? - I think this does change many aspects of pking completely but I feel it could also improve the lone pkers a ton. Would you guys even want a PKing Skill Should Jagex keep there little fingers off pvp? - For this one I think the pking should be a little more accessible for regular players. It's fun and could be more fun with more people Pking as a 1-99 skill: Name: Survival, Grit, or simply PK Why? 1. There are some arising problems in pking. For one the entry barrier to pk is pretty high. You must be a pretty high level or have an account specifically built for it. Aside from potential rewards, making it this a skill would drive “normal accounts” to pk and do things in the wildy simply because they won’t want a level 1 skill looming around in their skills tab. This would cause a mass amount of regular accounts to dip their feet in therefore causing the barrier to enter to lower. 2. It’s true that accounts built towards pvp would have an advantage below cb lvl ~105. However, I’d argue that the other potential training methods and the fact that this skill is targeted for high lvls evens out the playing field. Lower levels would have access to the skill all the same but I would see this as a challenging skill if it were implemented. 3. Arguably would be the most difficult/ complex skill in the game without adding much new content/ changing what makes osrs dope. It would more rejuvenate already existing content 4. Would make pking part of the game rather than a exp/gp waste or minigame 5. Good for the economy 6. If there is any is any place to add new BIS for pking specific accounts or strong mid-priced gear then it’s here. 7. Minimal new content as far as a new skill goes 8. The skill cape would look sick 9. I personally think the wild needs more players running around How? While I would love a system where you can simply kill people in the current wilderness and earn experience, there are just too many nuance scenarios and training loopholes that would come about from such a system. Examples: 1. Letting friends kill you for exp 2. Killing bots for exp (Might not be such a bad thing) 3. Clan Meta for training the skill. I think it would be much easier to instead combine the skill with Bounty Hunter with a few additions. This is not ideal but would make the concept entirely more plausible. 1. PK exp earned will vary depending on the level of wilderness and combat level difference o Ex. § Getting a target kill right outside of Edgeville will grant ~750exp. § Getting a target kill near mage bank will grant ~3k exp 2. If Jagex could alter the exp gain to scale with gp risked on both sides that would be ideal 3. wilderness skilling/pvm should grant PK exp o This would help out wilderness rejuvenation a ton o This would allow this skill the potential to pass a poll o This would help keep pking outside of BH worth doing 4. Kills outside of BH should grant exp too o I think it would be laughable to reward dangerous skilling but not pking o The problem is I don’t have any good solutions to work around suiciding to friends for exp. Or even simply fighting your friends at mage bank and then giving their stuff back. 5. Non-BH kills should grant PK exp o I don’t want to force pkers to adapt to this update. Every pvp kill should grant exp. o The problem with this is that I can’t figure out perfect way to prevent people from letting their friends kill them for exp and give them back their risk. 6. Gang Shit o Slightly like duo slayer, Gangs would allow you and a few friends (~2-8) to partner up under a team name. This could probably be done through the Emblem Trader. o When your entire team enters the wildy in a BH World, you would be assigned another small team as your target. The target team would be assigned based off of average level, number of members, and potentially PK lvl. o Killing members of a target team would grant everyone on your team ~1k exp ea. Exterminating the whole team would grant a sizable exp bonus to each member of your team. o If you die or teleport out of the wildy, you will be removed from the team and receive no further exp from your team’s efforts. You can rejoin your team by regrouping in Edgeville and creating your team again. (This essentially means you will have to recreate your team many times) 7. Present Bounty Hunter o Would Stay the same although you’ll gain PK exp if you kill your target. Wouldn’t this lead to “allies” between small groups? - We could implement a system where if anyone outside of your and your opponent’s small team deals damage to the opponent prior to a kill, then a fraction of the pking exp is gained. o For example: § Team 1 and Team 2 meet in the wildy. § a third team shows up and gangs up on Team 1. § Team 1 is wiped out and Team 2 receives 1/5th the pking experience that they would’ve earned Appeal to Skillers and Pvmer’s? - I feel the response from these two parts of osrs would be very negative. Although I wish player killing would be the only way to gain exp in this skill, this might just be too unrealistic. - A potential adjustment could be to add skilling/pvming/slayer in the wilderness as methods to gain exp in this skill. Pking would remain as the best training method by far (Given you can get ~2 kills p/hr) - I don’t think it could pass without this adjustment. If it were implemented with pking being the only way to receive exp then “normal accounts” would go out in the wilderness therefore lowering the overall entry barrier to stand a chance getting kills. However, I would assume the majority of players would see it as forcing pking down their throat. They may also not see the future outcome of the entry barrier being lowered. Possible Rewards? - Lone Wolf Spell o Lvl 50 pking o Teleblocks yourself for ~2min o The next person to attack you is the only one able to attack you (As long as you are in single) for the next ~2min o Might not be possible for jagex to make work - Wildy content exp increases/ buffs. o Increase rates at various stages in Pk Lvl o Ex. At 85 PK, dark crabs are caught 50% faster (stacks with wildy elite) o Ex. At 60 PK, Dragon melee weapons do 15% more damage to dragons in the wildy o Ex. - Green Drag/Lava dragon requirement o Lvl 10 Pking o Slows down the bots - New BIS for PK Specific accounts o Ex. Best Training weapon for 60 attack at lvl 60 PK
  14. I completely agree, we are going down a very similar path as RS3. You mentioned when new difficult bosses are brought into osrs, they make those BIS items to match it. This is an unsustainable method for the game. Every boss below that become easier and easier. I also don't think the High lvl pvm is hard enough. You can make something challenging without simply increasing its stats. I think the inferno is a good example of a quality boss. While the monsters do have high stats, the difficulty is in the mechanics and the dangers of messing up once. I think instead of adding bosses in this exponential way they should add a boss that's just plain hard AF mechanics wise. Weirdly enough, one of osrs's problems is that the community are very high level'd and experience veterans ( I think mobile will help with this). I think instead of feeding us these high requirement, super profitable, but relatively easy bosses; they should add a "Final Boss" that's just ridiculously difficult in mechanics. It can have good gp/hr and high requirements. It just needs to be overly difficult and not have a straight line pattern for it's mechanics. I would rather volkrath be the new zulrah as it has high quest requirements but your right, alchables are no real way of sustaining the economy. Right now pvp has to work around pvm/ skilling updates and not the other way around. It's sad because, while we are the minority, pvp makes arguable the best media content and is the biggest reason osrs gets attention from twitch and youtube. Without pvp the game would, across the board, be hurt by it. Pvp in my opinion is one of the most difficult and healthy things in runescape due to both it's mechanics and risk. The content doesn't require/encourage you to use BIS/ super expensive equipment due to risk. It's mechanics are going to be difficult as well as your fighting a real unpredictable person. I'm am going to post a little solution later to start some discussion although i doubt it would pass. I just don't want the game to become easy again.