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Everything posted by Steeze

  1. 500m and u can pk rage
  2. Fuck around with them fuck arounds fuck around get smoked

  4. thanks for all the work bro, much love
  5. Who knew coming out of retirement would be so EZ? Zzz. Where the competition...? 

  6. kinda do. kinda dont. u know lolza
  8. Didn’t believe it at first, but they legit can’t compete anymore. Sad!
  9. wowzers
  10. insane
  11. The men swept the wilderness completely today uncontested for 4-5 hours. We pked at church, spider, venenatis, & caves, collecting multiple +1s along the way. No sight of the "competition". EZ4EZ
  12. Got more action in one night than I did in two months over at Res
  13. Mission complete, returning to base. 

  14. The lads took for the wilderness tonight to see what was poppin. We started off at altar & quickly started making bank off a few randoms we ran into, not long after we ran into CT who put up a good 15 minutes return fight. They gained a little too many for us and we ended up pulling the lads out after a bit, was a solid fight though. After the fight we flew into caves to see what else we could get into. We instantly ran into Vengeance who were pking entrance, nonetheless it was some decent action for the boys. We ventured south & hopped around clearing each world, making a bit of bank along the way. We popped around a few other spots, gdz, rdg, even fucking castle where we actually ran into NL who fought us for 5-10 minutes until PD retards crashed the fun. Either way, was a successful night for the lads. Appreciate all who showed up.
  15. First off, I want to thank every motha fucka that came out to the wildy event. Second, thank all of you who donated and did a run themselves, you guys are fucking awesome. Shit was fun as fuck, a lot of people made a buck on top of having a blast. After the event we decided to hit altar & caves with with a small man. We did a full fledge ballista trip & made even more money to add to the purse. We ended it on a high note super into the late EST timezone. Until next time boys! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING OUT!!
  16. First off I just want to say how impressed I am for us to pull 20 unofficially & unprepped on a Monday night, that's absolutely fucking sick. Thank you men for all coming and showing that dedication, you all are insane. Second, I want to acknowledge how big of pussies Resurgence are by thinking they can switch up their pk schedule on us to try and PK on day that we don't. Funny they actually thought that would work. Not going to spend much time on the twirps, hopefully they'll be able to compete eventually instead of running their mouth. After booting Res out of altar we completely dominated clean until deciding to move locs to try and get some more action. We tried deep and ran into a few small teams, then ran into PD & NL fighting which turned into a complete cluster fuck in the matter of seconds. We dipped quick and continued hopping around, not long after we decided to take it deeper to castle since small teams actually fucking PK there. Ngl we ran into some fucking JUICE, but it got dead really quick after cleanse. We banked, took about an hour break and continued to sweet altar into the late EST timezone. Thank you to all who showed up.