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Big D

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  1. 2 hours ago, Revamp™ said:

    A laptop with similar specs would be a like $8000+ laptop. Plus it would be very prone to overheating and thermal throttling. Would be hard pressed to find one with 1tb nvme m.2 and 1tb SSD m.2 which I need. Desktop is upgradable to stay up with current parts so for instance a $700 GPU upgrade when the next series cards come out compared to buying a whole new $8000 laptop.


    Annndd 100 other reasons :P

    (Same reason 99% of the people with custom desktops, have custom desktops)

    hmm. its dope ngl. my laptop plays rs and lets me do homework at the same time so I'm good :P

  2. 5 hours ago, gyatzo said:

    And i wud also like to say, we need to pile at mages first, cuz them fuckers is freezing me all the time, cant even do dps with range only, like in this fight for example, if we killd their mages everytime first the others wud be easier to kill cuz less ppl are freezd off, that means more clan-dps combos, / just think about it for a moment.:D

    leader material!!

  3. 34 minutes ago, Joseph said:

    Although I had no idea this slaughter fest was gonna happen, we proceeded to finger fuck whoever these so called Avalon Valhalla Rev USED-TO-BEs are for 5-6 hours straight while getting piled by mains they called. Put down the keyboard you retards, you’re time has been finished. Sit back enjoy your lemonade and watch the Pros preform, you JV level mucus bags.


    thanks for action. 



    1 hour ago, Spoontech said:

    Legit Run to Gdz was their best member.

    you seem sour

  4. 41 minutes ago, Imposing said:

    This might be the most idiotic suggestion about the wilderness I've ever heard in my life. Deep wilderness is dying, it's what people are trying to rejuvenate. Solo pking isn't impossible, and to be frank if you need these changes to solo pk you're a fucking shitter that shouldn't be pking.

    still rob, but i agree