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  1. im voting for him
  2. good trip guys ty for cumming
  3. 76ers duh
  4. big bow catch little birdy
  5. gz
  6. Pretty chill wednesday night, started off small at altar. Didn't come across many teams except for gracious boner clan. The boner boys have been donating to us now for a while now. It's like hitting the lottery when you find them. Today was @Introverts lucky day as he scratched off 1.6m from them. @Slagger also had the most insane skull trick to steal 6m off some random. In the middle of a single/multi scrap with the only group of pkers we found at altar, and as we were baiting them back into multi VEPDRES (pronounced VEH-PEE-DRESS) LOGS IN ON SINGLE LINE WITH A SOLID 40 PEOPLE. Unfortunately one elite zerkian brother's life was lost. He goes without vain as some of us were right outside fighting for the cause, and using vepdres's self-destructive behavior took down one of theirs. After seeing this and massing up with the quickness we decided it would be best to harvest caves and hope they show up to get the battle box caves bumpin. Sadly they didnt show. We did run into Ancient Fury, who we took out faster than I could bank. Collecting bracelets and those 1m bows and smoking half of venezuela, i snuck my way off the trip at 10pm for my bed time and to write this little top. @Zog hinted at me to make one and i haven't in a minute. Kinda disappointing tonight that those clans would mass up like that and not try to scrap. S/O to any1 who was on monday night at that pure fight in black drags, thats the action I like Trip was solid, thanks @Kyle @Savage @Introverts @Converterand everyone else for callin world hops and shit, the chemistry was really good tonight when normally it gets rocky with larger numbers.
  7. fremmy boots
  8. shared with a bunch of the guys when it first drop. gets my blood pumping
  9. felt so good getting the 3-0 and not losing 1 op in knockout.
  10. hard diaries are nice =]
  11. zerk is more fun to use in fights *imo
  12. i fucking cryed at 55 seconds