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  1. Monday 3/30/20 Slow rainy day + quarantine = the no life really showed out today. Today started off at like 10:30 est with Elite Zerks pulling 7 to last man standing to warm up for the day. Afterwards we spent the rest of the day exploring the wildness in pretty much every deep wild location you can name(minus rune rocks*sigh*) securing our bonds for the next few weeks. We had a pretty good inners. We came across the Doctors(deathrow) and scraped with them for a solid 10-15 before them french revolutionary boys showed up. We also had a match ops fight with the guys from NL for the second day in a row. It was a tough scrap but i thought we did well. Pink boys massed up late night and ran through the 6 killing some small teams at bear and somehow ending up in fally lmfao. Its now currently midnight and we are still here back at LMS. The party dont stop. Ez dont quit. Steady bangin on a monday we gonna keep rollin hard running through the game, runnin the scene reppin the money gang. Thanks to everyone who participated and help make a totally epic monday. Probs pked like 300m today as a clan.
  2. 97

    ur stats make me wanna cry im jelly
  3. hey grats on ur first! feels good lad!
  4. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge gains l0l
  5. What a huge fucking week. Shoutout to slagger and all the altar boys who pked for 80+ hours this week lmaooooooo
  6. 95

    damn thats a big gainer
  7. elder+spear is the meta
  8. nice thread slaggie :3
  9. Thanks for the trip guys grats on staff polo
  10. sick vid joe, clean topic will. Day 1 in the books. Can't wait to see our first monthly recap. Had a blast at inners cant wait for more
  11. not bad not bad