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  1. lmao i didnt even realize, thats crazyyyyyy
  2. Going to keep it short and sweet cause its past my bed time. We stepped out 4 warriors strong at 6est and stayed out till 10. The four hours out were pure action with not nearly a single dull moment. Multiple scraps, multiple plus 1s, huge loots. We absolutely took advantage of the wilderness tonight and not for a moment did we lose control. 2 different clans degeared into rag barrage or 1 item. I personally made 15m myself this trip and I wasn't even one of the members to get +1s. Thanks to everyone who attended. Tell me how 5 minutes before we start the trip ryan pks a fucking max set off a pure? i know who im voting best zerk even if he is a giant dodge. "omfg cryptic" for elder trial steals 8m
  3. gz nice kc, mines like 40. bandos is boring
  4. sick fake topic your not fooling any1 kid
  5. was a fun day. we were out for like half of it
  6. went to bottomless mimosas so i wasnt on all day. looks like a blast!
  7. looks like a crazy trip haha
  8. I logged on at 8pm EST to join the trip which had been going for around 3 hours because I knew that zog was getting too drunk and needed to sub out. Tonight started off as one of those trips where everyone was being fucking spuds. Everyone was feeling toxic as fuck, and we did lose a couple kills because of disorganization. Was absolutely worth it tho because there is no clan I would rather piss my pants with then you guys. First thing that happens when I get on the trip we bs grant for his full dh(get a new microphone or something dude we literally can't take it anymore). Harvested a few vetion pvmers and some small groups. Only real clan we came across was Wild Might who were no match for our superior quality and organization. They stayed for a quick minute than ran. After they left we moved over to spider. I don't think we killed a single craw bow pvmer while there. Came across 2 or 3 duo teams. We also found 1 little noob venny who i chased down while larping to be elvemage. While elvemage was giving this pvmer the smoke a single team logged into east dragons. Converter was one of the only tbers/callers at the time and fortunately he had been chasing the venny with me. I ran into multi, luring the single teams tber with me where converter was perfectly positioned up on the hills next to sperm. After killing their tber the high iq brained "suicide4life" committed suicide along the multi line. Well who would have guessed the kid in full akhrims would take the bait. Free 20m. After that we took the trip to altar where Wild Might appeared again. This time they put up a good fight in the beginning taking the best of us. We made a dash for single because it was a 5 v 10. We got lucky and hit them in a 5 man barrage clump, giving our fallen soldiers just enough time to return and go back in for the breach and clear. We also came across a few Revenant members in 1 item. (LOL). 9pm EST Anti flys into the trip, we kill the altar and take it back to vetion. This is when Playdead showed up to play. We hit them with their low OP pull, they ran on sight. They massed up more ops and send a kik message to the guys at DeathRow that they needed their hands help in a wildy scrap with a med team. Somebody shot the word to the good lads over in Sovereign aswell. After fucking them hardcore they dragged the fight down to chaos altar and literally all the way down to Level 1 Wilderness. After the scrap ended I headed off. Big thanks to @Zog @Converter @Introverts Igor @Antijar for making waves on the trip. #EZ4EZ [