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  1. No wonder resurgence members are dr minions. They are both dogshit quality so it’s a perfect match
  2. Anyone care to explain what the fuck they were thinking?
  3. Set up a nice lil prepped fight vs Anonymous community. Allu was kind enough to accept the fight and we set up first by GDZ. The fight was crashed by Violent Resolution, but I'm not sure why they crashed considering they were cleared off the map in less than 30 seconds. We resumed our fight for another 30-40 mins east of ghorrock tele and then took our fall ins and dipped. Thanks for the clean action AC, looking forward to more. After this @Kimboy set up CWA fight vs the famous streamer Abyss Arr0w. The rules were a little different than the norm but we were happy for the fight nonetheless. The leader of Resurgence ended up main calling for them and all eyes were on us as we took the clean 3-0. Veng and Res watched us from the sidelines all three rounds, while the stream peaked at slightly over 400 views. Thanks for the action Abyss and friends! R1 end: R2: end R3: end
  4. holy heck ur fucking huge
  5. damn clean af
  6. We started off our day by pking in late GMT, sweeping around. We ran into Pubic Enemy who had 20 deep and started fighting them. We hit a quick mass poke and gained to same numbers in mere seconds. Once we gained we killed most of them, while the rest got away to single strip. (GF guys) We then scouted Vengeance getting absolutely railed by a ballista team 2x in rev caves. One of the dogs was off his leash and gave us a world and time for a CWA. Sadly (NOT surprisingly) Vengeance did not show up to fight us. We decided to just do inners for a while while we waited for Resurgence to mass for their Tuesday night trip. Hit them at spider and made them run, then we hit them when they moved locations to cave entrance. Smoked two of them in singles and called it, letting them continue their 8 man pk trip at spider after.
  7. damn the kc. jealous af
  8. How fucking embarrassing is it when stinky little pures put up a better fight than your bracket rivals? We started our night off by small manning caves and we scouted a pure fight going on. We hit a quick poke and gained up to 30 in mere minutes. We then positioned ourselves and logged into their fight which was finishing up in black drags, exploding everyone left on the map. We found Exodus and Zenith after a while the second time and this time got a lot more action out of it, but the outcome was the same. After this a little birdy told us Veng was at altar so at this point we moved over there and found them in 10 minutes and watched them do a disappearing act. After this we hit Resurgence at spider and they made Vengeance look like turtles with how quickly they ran from us. A very sad day for Resurgence as they had a 10 man inners and kicked multiple members! Towards the end we networked Playdead for fucking max, guess the NL merge isn't going well if you are having to 4 man Pk LMFAO.