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  1. RDK approached us for a CWA fight as they are coming back to clanning. Performed well and perfected in the knockout round. Glad to see you guys back, best of luck and thanks for the fight. R1: R2: R3:
  2. easiest money of my life, keep watching cucks lmfao
  3. veng and res sat and watched while we maced 2-3 different anti-ez and did nothing lmfaooooooooo
  4. can someone tell me where the fuck veng/res was lmfaooooooooooooo
  5. Since neither Vengeance nor Resurgence has decided to fight us while we sit comfortable on top the throne, we decided to get a little macing going. We did two separate trips and made absolute bank in total while we got the hang of it. On the first trip we found a Resurgence member who kindly donated his staff. On the second trip we got intel and logged in to hit Resurgence's 10 man PK trip but didn't get the smite sadly. We made quick work of these pussies and then maced anti-rot/jaja for an AGS. Overall made bank and had a great time.
  6. arad give gud succ

  7. We started off in GMT small man pking all around deep wild. We ran into Supremacy and 420 Pkers clearing them both and taking a staff off the latter. We then hopped around altar for a while and made fucking bank. Towards the end our dogshit rival clan Vengeance showed face only to hide in singles. We then moved to caves and swept over there but it was pretty dead. Maybe Vengeance will pluck up the courage to challenge us soon!
  8. Yeah exactly. Med is just too good nowadays because maging is so crucial in big fights or in general
  9. I just personally cba main calling on a zerk anymore hence why I’ve switched to a med
  10. 1-800-273-8255

    1. Zog


      i love that song! 

  11. ur so fkin sick