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Everything posted by Will

  1. looks sick, gj bro
  2. finish the easy 99s imo like fm/cook/fletch etc account is sick tho, gz
  3. Bad things really do happen in 3s. (1) To start the day off their audio was leaked showing an official who was doxing, very sad clans like these still exist! Early afternoon rolled around and we massed up to go sweep caves. We quickly got word of vengeance and had TBers log into their world. (2) The rest of us logged in and killed literally everyone of them. We then found them a second time and the result was the same, despite them mass highlighting their discord panicking "fighting EZ get on!!!!!" they only gained a few. We took our ending x2 and then continued to sweep. (3) The finale was hitting them in their safe haven at entrance and taking them for staff. We continued pking late into the night, good shit everyone. #EZ
  4. what a fucking joke of a clan lmfao
  5. smoked lmfao where were your minions???
  6. Two dead clans tried to fight so we figured we'd send them back to bed for the night. Maybe next time right lads? Maybe you should focus on talking less and doing more in game? Swept caves for another hour and cleared PD again very quickly. The rest of them stayed south below thirty line scared to run north. Finished off with a quick sweep at altar and small man pking.
  7. Decided to do a spur of the moment PK trip with little prep time. Started massing a few minutes past 8:30 and gained continually throughout the trip. We dominated caves clearing literally everything due to our numbers. After sweeping caves for about an hour we decided to team with SV and fight outnumbered. Although we fought four clans (Playdead, NL, DR, and Deadsurgence) it honestly felt like we were the ones fighting with the ops advantage lmfao. We smited Res/DR member for a staff and farmed them for close to an hour. This was one of the most lopsided fights in recent memory, I guess that's why they stopped fighting back? Anyways thanks for the +1s and smoke sesh. P.S. - Don't forget who fucking did this to you and made you ally with clans you hated just months back lmfao. We've literally forced an alliance of clans that hate each other to team against us, AND STILL LOSE LFMAO. (Resurgence rank chat from only a few months back :thinking:)
  8. no sight of veng/res btw l0l
  9. holy fuck raining +1s lmfao
  10. so fucking awkward l00000000000000000000000l
  11. lmfao all this just to fucking lose l000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  12. Quality tbh
  13. damn yuge
  14. thats my best vid maker 2020
  15. Earlier this week we set up a fight vs SV and agreed on 30 min cap with multi spells. About 10 mins into the fight AF/Rev finally showed up in one item to just get exploded off the map in about .5 seconds. For some reason they tried this multiple other times in the hopes it would work despite failing multiple other times. After numerous crash attempts and clean action in between we took our ending on glory hill while SV continued to farm the crashers. Thanks for action m8s - pked before and after uncontested, raking in over 150m+ in looties. (For all the veng/res members who fall for their leader's propaganda that EZ can only pull bc rot/sv l0l)
  16. gf sv. stay shit veng/res lmfao