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  1. 108 combat achieved. Aiming at 2000 overall at the same time.
  2. I have been getting def exp for the moment as we were learning. The ironman looted a dragon hunter longsword yesterday so the plan is to switch hands soon enough. Thanks for help would you say full armadyl, full ancestral or dragonhunter bow is the most important if I do mage hand
  3. great day of pking too bad my network laggy af right now. one more day and its fixed, cant wait.
  4. 95 strength achieved.
  5. 98 hp achieved.
  6. Sounds good.
  7. GG looked fun, sorry I had to miss last minute. Cya around
  8. got 94 str got 107 combat.
  9. what about vasa? why bank tassies if I do melee hand btw?
  10. 93 str achieved 250 qp obtained for slayer 69 woodcutt achieved, the sex number. Also got my first drop with my duo at raids
  11. Edit: I have recently switched to ruby dragon bolts. And we got our first drop
  12. Hello, My irl friend and I have been learning to do Raids recently. We are both absolutely new to it so any help would be appreciated. He is an almost maxed ironman 93/99/91/99/85/99/99hp I am an almost maxed med 75/99/75/99/77/99/97hp I have rigour, he doesnt yet. So far we have done 19 raids. With our best being 40 mins, we have been scratching 5mins per day for best time, so far. We are working on it and I was wondering if you could help us/me. So this is my gear setup: I am the one doing the melee hand in the raids while he mages and resets the head. Here are my questions: 1) anything better I should get or anything I should swap in my gear for better melee and ranged dps? 2) anything I should take out? Our current raids setup are these so far: We do: All puzzles, guardians, mutadile, mystics, shamans. We skip: tekton, vespula, vasa, vanguard. 3) What room should we learn next, should we add one or nah? 4) whats average points for the duo and for each person in a duo? Thanks for help, anything will help ty.
  13. Thank you 92 strength achieved
  14. 91 strength achieved