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  1. venge talks so much than gets smoked liek this lmfaooooo
  2. haha ez on top all i gotta say
  3. smooth brains lad smooth brains
  4. lmfao light work for the elites
  5. Sunday December 6 We massed up 40 Elite Samurai's later peaking 49 Elite killers to slaughter, dismantle, and utterly break Rage and their 42 Brother bears. Throughout the Course of this glorious sunday we would continuously outwit and slam the shit bear clan at every turn and location they would turn to. As Rage teled up to spread we were right there waiting. We would brutalize them on log in and even as they called Daddy rev for help it would prove to not be enough. We bullied both of them for the next 10 minutes fully clearing them and leaving a map full of purple dots. We got our fall-in in multi spammed our victory and would continue on to slap them around. 45 minutes into this trip rages 42 bears dwindled lower and lower leaving them with 30 cubs in game bank standing, as the leadership struggled to maintain any sort of morale we were waiting anxiously to hit them once again. To Sum up this trip ; Rage ended with 30 in ts , lost several +1s and again ended earlier than all the clans in their scene. See you later Rage - Btw moving innocent members out of channel wont help with your leak -MEDIA-
  6. Lmfaooo it was the “see you soon” for me
  7. its never a challenge , almost getting boring
  8. Sunday November 15 Elite Zerks mass up 45 blood thirsty Samurai's ready to decimate all opposition. We began the day paying a visit to our friends at rage , Only to realize the dead bear clan pulled 30.... yikes. After leaving rage to gather their cubs we stopped in on Terror; the newest addition to the Anti-EZ alliance. We proceeded to follow Terror world to world, location to location , towering spams over their victimized members and preparing them for the onslaught that would ensue. After 2 hits the dog shit kids lost 5 members already lowering their mediocre pull from 48 to 42; only to lose 4 more the next hit and end with 35 dogshit terror members lmfao. You fucked up Terror and its only the beginning Between bullying any Anti-Ez clan at todays clusters we dropped in on Vengeance and Bc (whoever the fuck that is) and caught them with their heads down, decimating both clans numbers and peeling multiple +1s from their child like hands. Do Better Venge ; you're merely a shell of what you once were at this point L0L After forcing Venge to hide in a safe wizard minigame we continued to press Rage and Terror aswell as Rev and Af on top of the 6 VR members who decided suiciding to the Samurai's would be fun. Overall The Elites proved once again why we are Undisputed, Uncontested , and above all else Un-fucking-stoppable. Special shoutout to Terror and Venge for donating 4 Staffs, forever beneath us MEDIA
  9. Good luck Terror, you won't last.
    PM ZOG#5150 to cash out, others in your clan are clearly doing it. 

  10. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ANTI-EZ ??????????????? L00000000000000000000000000L
  11. Today Ez Massed up a solid 35 Samurai's later peaking 40 to take on the Anti-ez Alliance. We started off our day hitting a victim bear clan housing Venge rejects at CA , qucikly after teleing up we caught them in massive clumps and disposed there members quickly pushing them to corp cave and forcing the victim clan to tele out and regroup. Shortly after there regroup we got news that they were headed up to boneyard to set up a fight. We quickly teled up in pursuit and logged on them getting fucked in singles, so of course we decided to join the fun and dismantled their numbers or pures and rag meds (rev). Wasnt hard sadly and it didnt last long again Rage teled out to regroup after being pushed from West of boneyard to the Rev caves. Again the victimized Cub clan limped there way to bandit camp where they were quickly met by 40 Elites quickly dispatching there members and forcing them to hide in singles until they could muster the strength to re-rush, so while we waited in multi we decided to send rev meds back to edgeville/lumbridge till our focused was switched to Rage attempting to rush from the east. Long story short it didnt work and we would send Rage back to regroup for the 4th time of the day Again Rage would tele up to bandits only this time we met them in singles and victimized them for the 5th time of the day TLDR they regrouped after dying in singles for 10 minutes. After Rage regrouped for what seemed like the 100th time ,with their Dogshit alliance of rev/res meds they tried to get a fight West of vents. We quickly teled up hopped worlds and immediately forced them west with strong positioning and catching them in massive clumps we would again spam them and hit them in singles , this would occur again west of vents chasing those broken rats into singles as they called for a random world hop clearing them off spider hill leaving there Low Iq Rev meds behind for us to slaughter. For those who didnt read, victimizing rage truly was TOO EZ . And we'll see you again shortly
  12. ah yes anti-ez paying the tax with their +1s
  13. Lmao victim clans kyped; money clan back at it again