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o bahr

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  1. Fletch darts to 92, get 88 smith and do addy plates to 92+ (addy plates are cheap), 99 crafting (totally worth in long run), 99 cooking and wintertodt ezpz
  2. 2 days to do 94-99 mage ez
  3. gz everyone who got stuff #moneyclan
  4. 4head
  5. 89 agility i dont have the level up screenie cause my slave did it but not more summer pies for the rev cave shortcut
  6. gz ez pet
  7. 500

  8. 5.5k birdhouses 2 go
  9. had 83-84 agil for 2 years just been too lazy to finish this 1 off. finally got thru the aids grind ty @Introverts for letting me barrage him
  10. Started with 10,000 barley seeds and ended with 6,800. It takes 10 seeds per bird house and there are 4 birdhouses per run. With each run taking ~75 seconds, it took ~1 hour and 40 minutes of in game time to do 9-60 hunter. Also made 3m gp in this time (~1.8m/hr). If you're lazy and don't have mm2 done bc hunter on your med or alt med do bird houses. its too easy.
  11. fossil island
  12. i like halos
  13. quarantine gains inc
  14. Raced @Introverts to 99 and I won. He even had at 2m xp lead 13 down 7 to go
  15. afk grindin on school made me a big seaman
  16. March 27 -> April 25 for 90-91 lol also did some mining as u can see by the date, i got a little burnt / school been a cunt lately
  17. hard to see but 87 str, dont shit on my cape been lazy
  18. slow n steady wins the race. 70 lvls to 2.2k
  19. beast