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  1. It was an amazing year! Glad I got to meet all of you and share some great memories. started at like 86 cb with yall, ended at 112 what a journey with yall. Love you guys! BTW EZ ON MY FUCKING CHEST
  2. It was a fun run friends! Glad I met a lot of you! Special thanks to @NoPrayZone for all the trips he lead and all the work he put into keeping this clan going. You were awesome to follow into the wilderness and thanks for teaching me CWA. Another thanks to all the staff who made this last year of runescape the best i've had in 10+ years. Love you all! BTW fuck jogres i'll go main before signing with that shit clan.
  3. Was a lot of fun! Glad I met you all! GL with life guys.

    1. Cam


      love u bro pls stay around the discord if you can <3

  4. nice sick loot
  5. Fucking truth, after reviewing their zybez material they had 3 smites. A tent whip(run to gdz), a bulwark(run to gdz), and a zgs dunno who got.
  6. WOOOO EZ on the fucking chest boys! I was legit raging during the middle though, i lost that tent whip in singles to a fucking DC. I saw the main 'Run to GDZ' get on me and i was like rip whip. Came back 30 mins later after making some dinner with another tent whip, got in on the action for like 1.5 hrs. It was a joke though. TY for the rebuild sets avalon
  7. It reminds me of me!
  8. By the way we found him and his team vitality @ rev caves the other day, so whoever got the kill pic should post for a free 10m
  9. holy! gratz fam!
  10. nice gl on 99 btw
  11. Hell ya! tanks are fuckin sweet
  12. can't wait to see it btw @Twisted Tank

  13. BTW guys the bounty is now at 2x original offer