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  1. range tank good for wars, 75/75 good for small man/singles, 117 med good for nothing
  2. gz where's the intro tho?
  3. fuck ur rng
  4. the best spams happen when leadership is out to lunch js
  5. now you can ditch the slave shoes
  6. @Inabit I like u but if u don't off I'll make u my BA pet
  7. pt. 2 research innit
  8. It was the final wave of the assault, and Converter knew the queen would be coming soon. "I need to speed it up, I'll never beat Elbrus' times at this rate." he said under his breath as he shot an eye to his stopwatch. "At least I can still call him an avoider..." Wearing full Elite Void and gripping a Bulwark tightly in both hands, Converter stood at 5'8" -- though he would often tell people he was at least 6 foot -- the eye of his massive shield glazed around downsyndromely, no doubt a victim to its owners touch. All around him were the cries of battle and the paleolithic grunts of 'the creatures': "penance," they were called by those brave enough to fight them. Converter never understood the disdain the barbarians had towards these creatures, and standing as he did today within the primal cacophony he was reminded of how sexually intoxicating he found it all. "Medic!" cried a nearby voice to the healer. "Medic!" "I'm coming, hold you-" but before he could finish his thought, his ally was struck down by a 6. "Damn it! Curse that Elbrus! If it weren't for him, my teammate wouldn't have died!" Converter scowled, waiting for the familiar change in setting that immediately followed a death. But it did not come. "What's going on?" he asked, but before he could get an answer he heard it again: "Medic!" Paniced, Converter turned to see another teammate cut down by the penance. Off in the distance, the line of sight to his last two teammates was hemmed by the swarming mass of big, muscular penance fighters closing in. "Medic!" "Medic!" He heard them cry out, and before long the voices were gone. He was alone. He was alone, he thought "W-what's going on..?" Just then two large golden claws gripped his shoulders from behind, digging their nails softly into his skin. He could feel the warm muscles of their hands twisting and writhing. "E-Elbrus..?" Looking up from his 5'8" platform shoes, Converters eyes met a pair of two singular eyes which belonged to the penance fighters that seized him. Converter was used to being this cross-eyed. "Let go of me!" he screamed, "the round should have ended by now!" The singular eyes lay silent to his protests, staring onward -- through, even. He could feel their gaze penetrating him deeply. Behind him, Converter heard the footsteps of another penance fighter. Turning his head as far back as he could, not unlike women showing their asses on instagram, he could see that this third fighter had something in its hands. Something yellow. ..."an egg..?" he thought out loud. It had just dawned on Converter what that egg was; it was the egg of a penance queen! THE Penance queen! "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT?" he screamed between convulsive fits of muscle, futile in the strong caring arms of the fighters who'd subdued him. "You see.." the lone penance fighter spoke, as he carried the egg over to the acid pool. "..we've heard some things." finishing its sentence as the egg was submerged and removed from the acid pool, a slimy green coating dripping off the bulbous mass. Converters eyes followed the lone fighter as it sauntered over to a bushel of spiked mushrooms. "What have you heard?" Kneeling down and grabbing a cluster of spikes from the mushroom bushel, the lone fighter spread them carefully on the slimy yellow-green egg as it spoke: "We've heard you've been talking that shit." "What shit? To who??" Converter continued, "How is this even possible? What do you want with me?!??" The lone fighter moved in a way towards a lava crater which suggested it heard these questions, but it did not respond. Instead, the fighter leaned over the crater and dunked the now spiked yellow-green egg into the lava. When the egg came up, it glistened. Converters eyes went wide with fear. "No.. NO! GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!" A nod came from the lone fighter towards the two restrainers. Simultaneously their free claws swept down in a beautiful arc towards the rear of Converter, ripping his Elite Void skirt from waist down and exposing his soft supple buttcheeks to the harsh barbarian winds. "NOoOO!!!! nO!OO!OoOOOO!O!" Converter cried and fought with all his might as the lone fighter made his way behind him, carrying the omega egg. Pressing the curved tip of the spiked egg gently against Converters hungry anus, before one decisive and absolute shove, the lone penance fighter smirked. "Elbrus sends his regards."
  9. I literally killed a DH brid solo in rag range south of altar for one of our trail members, and they didn't even come back to loot it.
  10. Good shit boys, only caught the last of the action but even that was a blast
  11. bowl good win money