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  1. Came for inners, stayed to clear ops 30 v 100
  2. lol omg slaves. I was eating dinner out on the back porch and logged in for the most free donations I've seen yet in this game. Thank you Veng for feeding me.
  3. oof that would have def made the video if he got you lmao
  4. yo this is good intel. I swear I thought that bloodvelds were better than they are...
  5. Its dope to read up on the history. This shit is what I love about runescape
  6. WC is pretty chill, I did teaks afk til 85. I'm split on just chilling and slowly skilling up to 2k total or just blowing cash on it and getting 2k as fast as possible. Good call on the wintertodt, I did a level per day for a few days last week or w.e and it wasn't actually that bad with brews.
  7. DFW you realize ags is only like 10m now in all seriousness tho its a sick feeling nice kill
  8. I've gotten my shit wrecked by zerks whip camping. When in lower def tier armour I don't find that I tank all that much better than a zerk but the meele dps is certainly lacking on my med comparatively. Its also just a classic build
  9. 93 slayer rn but I lost motivation after I sold my bank to stake and had to get rid of all my juicy PVM gear
  10. Clans like veng are why people probably have a generally sour taste in their mouth when they think of clanning
  11. stats are above - 1967 total RSN is Seanko. I don't want to blow like 100m on buyables but I think i'm at the point where I should just get like 95 fletching 90 crafting and put some money into cooking. Thieving is pretty shit imo but I'll probs have to get a few more levels there too. What would you do?
  12. shit is nostalgic as fuck to me. I remember making my first zerk and immediatley wrecking it because I did holy grail or some shit after training prayer lmao
  13. I'm not sure if you've heard of Barbell Medicine, but there's a group of doctors who make really great science based workout templates in excel. None are for free but you can find them online, they're pretty great and I've seen some really good strength gains over the past year since I discovered them. Before that I was just doing a bro split PPL or w.e but its been good to push myself more - lmk what routines you have and maybe we can swap
  14. lmfao donators at the altar are my favorite