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  1. I lost count of the number of clans we cleared LOL!
  2. Aggressive topic from an aggressive new officer, LOVE TO SEE IT
  3. drowning in the sauce lmao
  4. Absolute legends all of yeh Thanks again to @Converter and @Kimbu for making today huge. It's a dope time to be EZ
  5. The Elite Zerks had an absolutely ACTION packed day–clearing clans, running an inter-clan CWA tournament, hosting several $$$ giveaways, and finishing with a clan Hunger Games activity in the wilderness. It's officially been one year since EZ reopened, which marks 12 straight months of out pulling, out maneuvering, and out classing our competition. Its never been a better time to be a member of EZ. During the Sunday wars EZ mased up 45+ in TS, camping on top of rage, and as usual, fighting several clans single-handedly. Rage, Rev, PD, and Fate all merged in an attempt to hold back EZ with sheer numbers, but EZ persisted and moved quickly together to pick off Anti-EZ one by one. Veng made a brief appearance, but hardly worth mentioning because they pulled less than ten and piggy backed on the rest of Anti-EZ to get their typical fake ending pics and six man spams. At the end of the pure wars EZ crushed fate + rage at rune rocks and Lava Drags, demonstrating again that Elite Zerks will always be the last men standing. Anti-EZ gets weaker by the day, and EZ only gets stronger. Following the Sunday wars, EZ hosted the third Cash Cup. EZ members have been working on their CWA skills almost every day, and the tournament really showed how much the hard work has paid off. Huge shout out to @Kimbu for pulling the strings to make the tourney happen. Team @Inabit came out on top and the new Cash Cup Champions are Eli, K1D, Antijar, Ecky, Grant, and Lil Sap. They bested several other strong teams to come out on top and walk away with a cool 75M Each. After the Cash Cup EZ hosted a Hunger Games Event for the Clan. EZ spent an hour roaming the wilderness collecting as many GP as possible and fought it out to the death in deep wildy with gear bought from the profits. Team @Seanko walked away victorious after getting lucky with a few big kills and strategically kitting his team out with strong n-range gear. All together, a MASSIVE action-packed day for Elite Zerks. Our enemies swear that we're a "dead clan" but we've been out pulling the competition for months now and we're not close to stopping. STOMPING Rage+ Fate + Rev: CONGRATS TO TEAM ELI - @Converter Giveaway Bonanza + Hunger Games:
  6. Map is decent but the novelty will wear off honestly - I like the new crates tho
  7. lol next time I get veng launched full hp stacked im type "no fun"
  8. LOL I was wondering why the price of a toxic staff went up, it's because half of Fatality were at the ge buying replacements! EZ wins again
  9. 85

    legit fucking animal doing NMZ in 2021
  10. Holy shit the mad lad did it
  11. what an account haha
  12. damn this man fuckin gaming
  13. Yeah its still viable to NH as a 60 attack zerker but unless you're fighting pures you'll need to bring dclaws as your spec wep if you want to get kills. The toxic trident or thammaron's sceptre are both good mage weps that you can use with 60 attack. I'd stay 60 attack and see how you like it before you train attack, zerk builds with 75 attack are also pretty underpowered these days
  14. EZ literally printing money while anti EZ nowhere to be found