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  1. After not hearing even a peep out of Vengeance and Resurgence ALL Sunday long we caught wind that they were trying to fight at CA without inviting us. When we arrived they set a new Guinness World Record for fastest teleport out of the wilderness. They moved their fight to the deep wildy and despite knowing that we were coming both Vengeance and Resurgence ran for the hills. The ONLY thing these rats can do is scurry away. EZ ended the night sweeping the wilderness uncontested. DR + PD made a weak attempt to fight back at new gate but folded after two minutes. Multiple +1s pk'd including a lovely feature on Amenity's stream (best clip at the bottom)!
  2. lol nothing like getting mage levels while barraging piles
  3. They got evicted from the building 3 months ago because nobody was payin rent
  4. sad I missed this but killer work lads
  5. These brothers put in absolute fucking work. I'm still mindblown how quickly they got Kim to practically max.
  6. randy = my hero
  7. 2100 on a med makes me hard AF - sick account
  8. add me to the bozy boys gif or i'm anti-bozy boys
  9. On one hand IMO a 45 def account will get shit on in any bigger cluster fight where meele is underpowered b/c everyone is staff barraging. On the other hand, tent rag is strong af in smaller man fights when you're not frozen the entire time. Honestly because the account is already 70 prayer I'd say just turn it into a beast 116 maxed 'med' with 75 def. I've always wanted a 99 attack med but didn't have an account to make one out of, but your account seems perf for it.
  10. and I thought 2020 was already weird enough!
  11. for a second I thought they were actually going to fight back, but then suddenly we were in level 9 wildy and they were all teleing out? Go figure! Ez wins again!
  12. Lol I love this. Best part was when we made that dude in whale gear say "Happy Birthday Eli" Happy bday bro, glad the trip went really well
  13. fucking very nice lol. Pretty much sums up my entire osrs journey to 2k+ and QPC. I wanted one goal but ended up needing to do 30 other mini grinds just to have the shit I needed for the original goal...rinse and repeat.
  14. the best type of zerk is a med
  15. prayer is best combat 99 don't @ me