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  1. unlucky
  2. ty
  3. Was a great experience for a long term player such as myself, to stumble upon an Open CC pk clan and join and help the original rank team build up from the very bottom to a point which @NoPrayZoneand the ending rank team could carry it the rest of the way to being the top RP/Tank clan in the community. It was full of struggles at the beginning but we persevered and conquered our opposition which lead to an explosion of growth and a surge of exposure through the zybez community. I wasn't always around when I should have been but looking back on the achievements that the rank team who came after me achieved, after my initial guidance, it seems that I wasn't needed. Stay well and god bless everyone, if you would like to join in on some bantz rag pking, pm me on discord Mike#1057 - oh and btw shout out to my day ones @Fremnik @Goku™ @Caregan @goldmansachz @Revamp™ @Tycoon @Kudo @Bunk Acid @Cam @NoPrayZone and of course the many others who built with the crew along the way. ~KF
  4. My work schedule has been a hell of a bare to where I couldn't really be there towards the end, but it was a pleasure ladies and gentlemen.
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  7. isn't your wiener just massive?
  8. always a pleasure to fight the Vanguardians - as for Veng, it'll be easier to just pm us for a way out
  9. didnt ask
  10. ~ Motion Picture Productions ~ @Mike @4ner Leader William approached Stl Arrow from Jogres for a little scrap, unfortunately we got word that Jogres had closed and reformed into a new clan under the name of Avalon. With the rules being accepted by both parties, we settled on a Friday battle for 6pm EST starting. After waiting for 15 minutes for Avalon to show up for the battle, we took the fight to them in fierce fashion and with some on-point and intense calling from William, Trae and myself we took the 3-0 victory. Thanks for the scrap Avalon, best of luck on this version of the clan, we look forward to more action in the future. ~ Friendly Meme ~ Round 1 Ending Round 2 Ending Round 3 Ending
  11. gratz buddy
  12. hate all spics
  13. sick, gratz kid