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  1. This is why I don't like singles pking
  2. tha boys

    1. Will


      did u just assume gender? 

  3. could quest it and go 75 attack zerk on it
  4. 77...
  5. KKona
  6. gz man!
  7. That boyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. The list of accomplishments just racks up for EZ. This all began from brand new clanners, no recycled members. Thank you to all the members who dedicated so much time, and thank you to all the ranks who put in the time as this was the keys to success. I consider all of you guys really good friends and i know we've made some friends for life. Thanks for everything @NoPrayZone
  9. I apologize for what I said earlier as I was heated from being flame baited by a few avalon members, shouldn't have been too mean to call anyone a nobody, everybody is a somebody. Apologies.
  10. funniest shit is the fact that the most irrelevant people are the ones who pipe up the most. Got kids like this ziggy (legit don't know you), out on bond (leaked every clan he's been apart of then flames us), dalton (legit don't know who he is hardly), and profanity (another random) all shit talking the most. Common theme between these nobodies: don't help their previous clan at all, they just join one where they are carried then pipe up like they do anything. Jokes.
  11. i get the no mains thing, but I promise you it was for the returning not because they were worried about mains (they've paid a clan who would ac for them)
  12. if you know the truth you would know you guys tele'd out of every clump we had you in which isn't what the 'old rp/tank scene' used to do. You also know that we have always had more pull than you. The reason you want to fight low wild is to be close to a tele spot so you can try and outlast, because we had double your pull. It's simple its not avalons fault they're new but if you think you can actually win a fight down 10 ops i'll gladly point you to the cwa when we fought all of your members as jogres where we were matched ops. If you are remotely intelligent you will know what I say to be true and so do your ranks.
  13. we had talking about closing at one year back when we were at 6 months due to leadership not even wanting to spend time like this anymore.... we have talked about it every month and then when the one year comes up and will is gone for a week and he's getting deployed it felt like the perfect time. Trust me avalon isn't really relevant you guys pull 20 people and try to fight low wild near tele spots so you can suicide until a 5 hour mark. Wonder why you guys only hit us on our small mans? Where were you on our 1 year anniversary pk trip? right sit down kid. Will was in the hospital why would he care about his laptop when his life could be in danger? Are you mental?
  14. The leadership didn't have the time to run it and take over hence closing? Also btw if you read what I said I didn't say they were flaming him for being in the hospital? re-read please. come on man.
  15. Perusing through avalon forums as someone from there told me to think about joining, and low and behold I start reading their topics. These kids are actually disgusting E-thugs, and called us toxic. Literally these people are disgusting individuals. I get it theres banter and all but our leader was in the hospital for a week (wasn't able to even communicate with anyone here for an entire week so we had no clue what was going on) and he's most likely getting deployed for a few months and you guys continue shit talking and flaming this entire time? I wouldn't even waste my spit on you in real life. You talk shit about our leadership but Will is a really good dude with a family and kids and has been getting into shit with his wife just to keep the clan open to hit the one year mark. The guy gave more to our clan as a leader than you could imagine, gain some perspective on your life losers. As always Will thank you for everything, we actually created one of the last brand new clans in osrs, not full of recycled, shared members. We groomed brand new clanners to the scene and added some life to OSRS clanning in our own rights. Best of luck to all my strong dudes in the future, if you're ever in the O-town you guys know to hit me up for some drinks