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  1. what kind of music is this shit
  2. im silver 4 lol cus I only just started this month from season 3 just got a PC
  3. if you need affordable range xp msb I rune arrows is cheap/ amethyst is little more xp/hr but cost little more and those xp/hr rates is like slightly less with void /bp in nmz if u got gp chin same with mage also grab 70 pray asap helps with training/clanning I see u are tank or med? chaos altar rn is kinda empty has solo pkers cus of dmm I would take advantage of it got 70-77 pray in few hrs died few times but coulda been more deaths without dMM
  4. Nice Vid
  5. Nice set up what are those teles?
  6. pretty sure u can get up to 46-47 def maxed n stay 112 comb?? not 100% sure but 46 isnt a big difference just people gonna flame u 'lolFAILEDZERK' cus of 1 def lvl prob but who cares
  7. botters lmfao what scripts u use
  9. weak 2k17 not 99 yet
  10. whiteboy got last year and my kids names i got this year all on 1 arm starting my sleeve.
  11. what did i just watch
  12. Couldnt make it look fun asf tho
  13. lmfao i just use firestick
  14. cool beans now go to raids wit that rng get b2b tbs
  15. LOl proteins is legit
  16. Post count
  17. Nice i cant even smite a dds
  18. i can finally max now guys lmfao gonna pk come to wars now on my breaks!
  19. lewtationz
  20. Nice video looked like fun Btw @Grabbin where u get mouse cursor?
  21. Turned 25 today