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  1. Gj boys its an amazing end to the best year with you lot!
  2. After Sundays long search for Avalon we decided to take a stroll through the wilderness in search of some tasty loot. We floated between gdz and rdg bumping into Vitality and Infamous along the way, both put up a good fight but couldnt the sheer numbers of Elite Zerks. Not soon after we bumped into Jaja and approached them for a friendly capped multi spells fight, Gf to all. Starting Ending
  3. actually sick wd
  4. Big dick owners..... Avalon helpline 0121 do one
  5. Big fucking owners... Avalon how cringe l0l
  6. We arnt the ones creating zybez topics on a 6 man clear lol , as ive said in the topic though we can prove we're the better clan so please get in touch. "shaking btw"
  7. So it would seem AVALON want to create propaganda around being the better rune pure/ tank clan. Obviously they're claiming number one because they cleared a couple of EZ members at rune rocks the other day, they have a lot to learn. Now they think due to this they can claim number #1, how wrong they are. Regardless of what name they've used in the past whether it be "Jogres" or "Avalon" we still have to records to prove we are #1. Now everytime I approach any of the Avalon leadership for a fight at a reasonable time they seem to decline. After all we all know they would rather fight only a couple of EZ members in the early hours of the morning (5-6am GMT). Since Avalon are making topics on a daily basis I think its only fair we shed some light on the truth. So as you can see they would rather create propaganda instead of fighting, which is only fair because they're clearly "shook". VALHALLA OR AVALON OR WHAT EVER YOU CALL YOURSELVES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON IMiD#3924 TO SETUP A FIGHT!
  8. All this propaganda l0l

  9. Gratz
  10. WOOT!!!!!
  11. Lol nice
  12. Imagine having nothing more than 4 pictures to post on an losing aftermath topic. Ouch...The number for suicide helpline is 1800-784-2433, GL!