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  1. I've been playing this game for 12-13 years now off and on and I can say without a doubt this has been the most fun I've ever had. Thanks to everyone who was apart of it and I'm looking forward to what the future holds.Thanks for everything Will! #EZ4EZ #DickLongMoneyGood
  2. Looks sick dude, what are the dimension of it?
  3. shit dude, thats crazy. awesome work
  4. Sick trip guys.. let's keep them clear of the wild tonight too
  5. So it all begin's one Tuesday night around 8pm when @Trae and @Obeyed ask to go hit up the GWD and slay some Big Orky Boi. Naturally I fly the fuck in like anyone would, we are also joined by one of Trae's buddy's Brandon (shout out for being cool). After crashing some shit mains and stealing their world (Cause big dicks like us don't hop) we began the slaughter fest. Bandos is a sneaky devil, but with our range prays up and some strong ass tanks we managed to take him down. After about an hour of killing this green kid and his friends we are joined, by not other than the retard of the week himself, @Hen. After about another hour of slaughter we decided to dip to the GE to cash out. Here is our reward for hard work: Was EZ btw. See y'all for the next one.
  6. Nice job with the smoke boys
  7. This is actually pretty amazing Tranq, I hope to be there one day. Congratz!
  8. gratzzzzz dude
  9. As the age old saying goes "Saturdays are for the boys", and the boys were hungry for some juicy looties today. We massed up for a small man at revs early in the morning, then took a short break for a few hours and went right back at it again. These strong eggplants showed no mercy to Rev's or pkers. Mad props to all the trial members new people that joined us today @O T F G, @Big Rig, @TankRanger. Bank was made tonight!
  10. wow this sounds really cool guys, Props you guys for thinking of something new and fun
  11. Damn dude that's sick. Hm to do my 77-86 rc??? Lol
  12. 1062, so 62 after I finished diaries