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Everything posted by Rylan

  1. Started off massing this Sunday for our usual festivities, we quickly massed to 45 strong men. we quickly got locs on anti-ez from a little bird that rage and terror were trying to compete today. We hit both clans over and over, while one clan was banking we hit the other, absolutely dicking those stinky little pures all afternoon..(af doesn't care about you btw, that's why it takes them 20 minutes to come help you). Thanks for the multiple +1's After ruining another Sunday for rage + terror, we scouted our two punching bags (veng + dr) trying to have a fight at 44s, we quickly geared and set up for the hit, we logged in and rushed the, quickly turning the mini map purple. We thought maybe, just maybe they would try to fight back, but they were degeared and ready to fight at the cwa portal in 5 minutes instead. It amazes me every Sunday EZ gets better while our "rivals" crumble. see you next week, clowns.
  2. After coming off a sick weekend over at EZ HQ, the boys decided to keep the momentum going into Monday. We started off on a small hopping at vetion, where we quickly ran into WG, we had a nice scrap and ended up clearing them off the map, gf lads. After we hit up spider and instantly ran into DeadRow on a 5 man trip and got exploded off the map, we cleared the rest of the worlds and moved on. We gained a few mew opts and headed to altar, low and behold DeadRow decided to mass up and do something, we had a nice scrap at altar, thanks for sticking around and actually putting up a fight. We caught multiple clumps and made quick of work of DR forcing them into dhide mage and rag, PD logged in and stood there holding their dicks looking like idiots having 0 impact on either of the clans fighting (per usual). Anyway, we ended up clearing PD and DR out of altar and taking an ending while they hid in singles, gf everyone thanks for participating in my game. wish our "rivals" would stop watching from the bench lol.
  3. aint this first time i'm getting rid of a nigga.

  4. Started the night off with a 15 v 15 inners w/ the lads, mid round we got word from a little bird DR and SR were scraping at black drags. We quickly geared up and headed to caves, we scouted the fight and logged in and absolutely nuked DR off the map, we pushed the fight south until they teled out in 3 minutes. Then, we did we quick sweep of revs and scouted DR for the second time, this time around they actually put up some what of a fight, but we made quick work of them. Our mages clumped and dumped them for about 30 minutes straight until they were cleared, we took a quick fall in and called it a night. good fight DR and thanks for the loot.
  5. u will not get the pet.
  6. reduced to macing and pking in max lmfao no1 did anything -.-