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  1. first big action i could catch in a while, was a lot of fun. Thanks for the fight, venge...wish everyone would have given us action tonight.
  2. love all of you guys. this was easily the best time i've ever had playing this game in the almost 13 years i've been online. the memories made will never be forgotten. #EZ4EZ
  3. i'm always amazed by the keyboard warriors in the clan scene. it's a fucking video game and these kids are this hype over it.
  4. love all of you guys, forever EZ on my chest. It was an amazing ride and i'm glad that i got to be apart of it.
  5. never thought i'd see a clan claiming to be #1 run into level 11 near singles to try and get an ending pic. tanking all the one item raggers was more difficult than tanking avalon themselves.
  6. i came so will would stop telling me how to finger my goldfish
  7. i'm glad we can get these trips in before venge closes us in march.
  8. very nice boys
  9. this sounds awesome. makes going to some lesser profitable pvm spots more fun. i'm down.
  10. and then they try to recruit in the bank lmaoooo
  11. life got crazy so i had to miss this one, it looked great. good job out there.
  12. looking good.
  13. a clan finally comes into our scene and we basically crush any hopes they have, good shit boys. let's hope they were serious about coming into the wildy.
  14. such a great trip from start to fiNNish. can't wait to run into (over) venge some more.
  15. you get more arma hilts than most pvmers camping kree'arra lmao