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  1. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you put in to make this a great experience for us all. I will forever be grateful! @NoPrayZone And thank you to all the members who took part in such memories it was one of the best times I've had on this game.
  2. Thanks for everything guys!
  3. Grats!
  5. In my personal opinion if you plan on continuing to progress and eventually be a member of this clan, 99 attack is a great start. But first what are your interests buddy? If you pvm it's great for that. We deep wildy pk as a clan the majority of the time. I would get 99 attack but that is my opinion. @Siecle
  6. Yes it all must be obtained through a clanning account.
  7. Make sure to message Nick Tranq or myself to buy in boards will be given out on the 1st
  8. Can't be all easy Rewards are not finalized yet still discussing Bring the granny fam
  9. BINGO? YES, BINGO! Elite Zerks will be having their first PvM Event of the year and it's a big one! To start the year off Tranquillia, Kudo and myself will be hosting this event(game). To enter the event there will be a 1M buy in which the total will be included into the rewards at the end of the event which means the more people that register the bigger the reward. Instructions: Each player will receive a bingo board upon entering into the competition. Each player will have a month to complete a row of 5 squares in any direction which will contain a random assortment of drops ranging from a Barrows set to a Sigil. Then they must record the drop with a screenshot of the loot on the floor, the chat box showing the item was in your name with the date received typed out and must edit it into their original post on this topic. The topic will be viewed everyday to record the progress. Here is an example of the ways to win - Rewards: The winner within the month(or first to complete may go longer) will receive all the buy in gold, a forums signature showing you were victorious and of course all the looties you received during the event! Sign up and get involved in the community by hopping on discord, getting clan members together(to make friends) and get some juicy lootations boys. #EZ_ON_MY_CHEST GOOD LUCK!!
  10. Grats and edited your pictures in btw.